Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Survived. . . (Pretty Much)

Last Sunday was a rainy but beautiful day of celebrating that marked the end of my crazy two weeks. For the most part, it was a pretty good experience, but it ended with a bang. . . . literally. But before I get to that, let me recap the abundance of friends and family that we were blessed with.

I took Lydia to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time along with my Dad. It was quite an experience. She started out upset and overwhelmed by all the people, but as soon as we offered her some lemonade and pizza, her mood brightened. My dad quite patiently followed her all over the arcade while she rode every ride over and over and over again. 

The next day we were invaded by my beloved extended family (on my dad's side). About 20 relatives joined us at our home for our summer get-together. In addition to honoring us with their company, they were lovely enough to celebrate my cousins' and my pregnancies—Stacey's third child (first daughter), Tiffany's third and fourth child (and first daughter), and of course, my second child. My mom even bought us a cake from the talented Sonnet Medrano!

The day after the family reunion was the first day of Back Yard Bible Clubs, which I was hosting for the first year. The rain started that day and continued through the rest of the week. We were deluged. As a result, no children showed up all week. It was quite a disappointment. It had never occurred to me to tell the families I invited that we had a backup plan in case it rains—who expects it to rain in Texas in July! Every day, we prepared for the kids and every day we sat around on the front lawn waiting for the kids to not come.

The end of that week brought more birthday parties (Vincent's film festival) and a baby shower. We  were supposed to go to a friend's daughter's first birthday, but Lydia had had as much as she could bear and melted down.

Sunday, we had the privilege of celebrating Bobby Pruitt's (our pastor's) 50th birthday. As we left that party in the rain, we decided to head over to Vincent's to catch the last movie of his film festival. So that left us driving home with a sleeping toddler at 12:30. While stopped at a light, Peter and I were talking about how tired we were and how lame we had become in that we can't handle late nights any more. At that moment, a car driven by a sleepy twenty-something slammed into us. Apparently, he had noticed neither the red light or the cars stopped at it.


I'm not accustomed to so much excitement in my life and while some of it was more pleasant than others, I'm excited to be able to say I survived! Maybe I'll try this again soon. . . or in a couple months. . . maybe after the baby's born. . . next year some time. . . eventually

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