Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Making Cookies

I've never been much of a baker. I didn't see creating sweets from scratch as fun or relaxing but as stressful, with the time consumed worth more than the cost to purchase goodies from a bakery. But ever since I discovered that my two-year-old daughter can help, I've changed my opinion.

These days I'm scouring Pinterest looking for a good cookie recipe (not too many ingredients, not too many steps). It's still so much freakin' work, but it's just too fun to see her chubby hands stirring the batter and watch her lick her lips as she waits for the cookies to cool on the counter. She's a terrible helper—she flings batter around the kitchen, she spills sugar, she licks her fingers and puts them in bowl (seriously, I'd never let you eat cookies she made). But she's wonderful company.

My parenting style is pretty disciplined, but not very structured. I don't organize arts and crafts, play dates, or lesson plans. I usually just bring my girl along for day-to-day life and try to make it interesting as I go. You like sorting things? Great! Find all the white socks and put them in this laundry basket. Want to count? Count these cans as you put them on the shelf. And of course, there's always the super-educational game Let's Pretend We're Napping. It's an extremely traditional method of education, but not one that will get a kid to Harvard.

Let's face it, I have no idea what I'm doing. I wasn't an education major. . . heck, I've yet to actually finish a parenting book. So yeah, I do a lot of winging it. But I think what I do have going for me is an appreciation for my daughters' presence. I like being with them. I've never been the parent watching the clock, waiting 'till bed time. I prefer to go shopping with Lydia in the cart. Days at home are more fun when there's a giggly girl getting in my way.

I should put more forethought into our activities. I want them to be well-educated. I want to guide them as they learn. But in the meantime, I think that they learn a lot just being with mommy and having fun. And I know I'm learning a lot by letting them.


  1. there are never more important moments in a childs life and never a more educating experience than living life as it goes along and doing so with mom or dad, what is the saying a child lives what they learn and learns what they live....you are in fact doing it right...

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