Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 Weight Loss Challenge

Today, exactly 3 months after Pru's birth, my office is starting a weight loss challenge. About 30 employees, including myself, will be competing to lower our body weight, BMI, and body fat the most in 12 weeks. This is great for me; I really needed the motivation to get past this weight loss plateau. I've lost about half the weight that I gained, but I still have 30 or 40 pounds to lose.

My problem is that I still haven't decided what approach I should take with my diet.

I've been preparing to get my family to a healthier, whole foods-based diet and was actually planning on starting that soon—like, at our next shopping trip. I didn't have an exact start date in mind, but I've been researching and planning major changes…then I got the email about the weight loss challenge. Now I'm torn between adopting a whole foods, but often high calorie, approach or using processed, low-calorie alternatives to lose weight and hopefully win the contest.

I know that the whole foods diet would be more filling and give me more energy, but whole foods also means whole calories and that natural sugar and natural fat is going to cut into my calorie budget significantly.

If I fill my pantry with low-calorie but processed foods, I have a better shot at reaching my weight-loss goals. Maybe it will be fine as a kickstart for getting back in shape. While whole foods might be more nutritious, some of my most nutritionally literate friends and family members are overweight because at end of the day, weight loss is a matter of calories in being less than calories out. Maybe a "clean" foods diet is not what I need for this particular health goal. But then again, it is what I want for my family in the long term.

Argh! Frustration!

I will try to update on my progress as I go.

Weight: 174 lbs
Lbs Lost: 0
Lbs Left: 25

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