Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weight Loss Challenge: Shopping Healthy

Photo by Mette Finderup
I went on my first shopping trip buying yuppy food. You know—whole foods, clean foods, natural foods…whatever you want to call it. I went to the local Sprouts instead of Whole Foods so I still have a little money left for retirement. I am interested in taking my receipt to HEB and comparing the prices.

I bought a lot of raw fruits and veggies along with some low-ingredient, processed foods like cheese, juice, and tortilla chips.

There are some things I just couldn't bring myself to buy either because I choked on the price or the calorie count. For example, I went to a normal grocery store for my bread because I eat sandwiches almost every day and the extra 20 or 30 calories a slice adds up quickly. I also bought sliced deli meat elsewhere because it cost more than I wanted to pay.

And it took sooooo long! I ran into HEB to buy the few remaining items on my list (seriously, like a dozen) and it took an HOUR! Reading labels and trying to make the cleanest, healthiest option is exhausting. In the end, I almost always went with the item I would have bought if I hadn't read the label, but at least I felt like my judgment isn't too far off. . . or maybe it's so off that I can't tell and in a few years I'll be embarrassed when I think of what I used to buy.

As for the basics, I think I ate pretty well. I had an avocado, tomato, and mozzarella salad for lunch and turkey nachos for dinner. For exercise, I went jogging.

Weight: 169 lbs
Lbs Lost: 5
Lbs Left: 20

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