Thursday, May 2, 2013

App Recommendation—RanDoo

I know I'm a self-confessed slacker, but I really am trying to get it all done. The problem is two-fold. First, there's literally not enough time to do it all; second, I don't have the time management skills to make the most of the time I do have. Even on my most productive days, I go to bed frustrated.

So I try to prioritize, but what happens is I always end up doing the same tasks over and over again and never get around to others. I do laundry every day (cloth diapering, yo!), but I clean my own bathroom once every mumble-mumble months. Cause you know why? Nobody ever sees it but me so it doesn't matter. Let's not even talk about how often I get around to projects that I actually enjoy or feel fulfilled by. Like this blog.

So I while I was looking in the iTunes App store that was not a solution to this problem, I came across what seems to be the solution to this problem. I found an app called RanDoo. It's a shaker app for chores! I add the chores to my list, shake, and then my chores are randomly reordered. 

I'm actually getting around to chores that I haven't done in months. I added some fun things that I always say I want to get around to and when they come up, I let myself do them. Like this blog! Why do you think I'm finally getting around to updating? Really, I guess I could do this with any list app or even a piece of paper and a pen, but this takes all the decision-making pressure off of my day so I can just hop on the next task instead of belaboring that choice. Also, I feel like I'm given permission to do more fun projects when they come up because I didn't choose it, the app did!

In conclusion, I definitely recommend this app if you struggle with decision paralysis like I do. 

Valentine's Day

Last week was Valentine's Day. I've always loved this holiday! What a wonderful opportunity to tell the people in your life that you love them. Plus, I have an excuse to bathe my house in red and pink and lace and glitter.

This year, there was not much time, energy, or money to spare in my celebrating, so I took a cue from the latest episode of the Simple Mom podcast and tried to focus on the essentials. For me the essentials were 1) Creating a simple, meaningful gift for my husband, 2) Cleaning the master bedroom, and 3) spending some quality craft time with my toddler to train her in the art of giving.

1. Simple, meaningful gift—A Pinterest win! I bought one red balloon for each Valentine's Day we'd had and tied a short love note to the ribbon. Of course, Lydia gave away the surprise when Peter called on his way home. That's going to happen when you have a toddler around. 

2. Cleaning the bedroom—Lately, I'd let our love nest turn into a pig pen. So all other chores got scrapped. Dishes were ignored; floors were unswept. By golly, I was going to clear the floor and dust every surface come hell or high water…except I didn't. Turns out it was really, really hard, you guys! 

Truly, I tried. I got the clothes up. I dumped some junk from the bedside table into my dresser drawer, but there wasn't time to clean everything. And yet…he loved it! In fact, he just mentioned it again last night—two weeks later!

3. Quality craft time—This went great also! Lydia had fun and Daddy loved the thought. I helped (obv) but she was so proud! Peter hung the valentine in his home office and every time she passed it for a week, she stopped to look at it.