Thursday, May 2, 2013

App Recommendation—RanDoo

I know I'm a self-confessed slacker, but I really am trying to get it all done. The problem is two-fold. First, there's literally not enough time to do it all; second, I don't have the time management skills to make the most of the time I do have. Even on my most productive days, I go to bed frustrated.

So I try to prioritize, but what happens is I always end up doing the same tasks over and over again and never get around to others. I do laundry every day (cloth diapering, yo!), but I clean my own bathroom once every mumble-mumble months. Cause you know why? Nobody ever sees it but me so it doesn't matter. Let's not even talk about how often I get around to projects that I actually enjoy or feel fulfilled by. Like this blog.

So I while I was looking in the iTunes App store that was not a solution to this problem, I came across what seems to be the solution to this problem. I found an app called RanDoo. It's a shaker app for chores! I add the chores to my list, shake, and then my chores are randomly reordered. 

I'm actually getting around to chores that I haven't done in months. I added some fun things that I always say I want to get around to and when they come up, I let myself do them. Like this blog! Why do you think I'm finally getting around to updating? Really, I guess I could do this with any list app or even a piece of paper and a pen, but this takes all the decision-making pressure off of my day so I can just hop on the next task instead of belaboring that choice. Also, I feel like I'm given permission to do more fun projects when they come up because I didn't choose it, the app did!

In conclusion, I definitely recommend this app if you struggle with decision paralysis like I do. 

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