Thursday, November 20, 2014

Halloween 2014

I never celebrated Halloween growing up. In fact, when my husband and I got married, there were many conversations about what this holiday would look like in our house (as I am not a fan of horror or violence or ghosts or witches or any scary things). So two years ago, when my doctor told me to pick a date for my baby's birth, and we decided to stick with her due date of October 31, we knew that it would mean lots of Halloween parties over the next 20 years. What I didn't realize is how much it would give me a reason to enjoy this day.

My sister-in-law Angela's amazing pumpkin creations

Isn't it adorable?
Having the obligation of throwing a Halloween party every year seems at first like more of a burden than someone like me would normally appreciate, but it gives me the chance to set the agenda. I can make the parties silly instead of scary. I can even (try to) control the menu to offset the sugar overload of trick-or-treating. This year we made Rice Krispies treats instead of a cake. We offered nonalcoholic sangria made out of juice and platters full of fruits and vegetables. We even had toy treats to give out along side the candy. (Spoiler alert: we brought most of those home.)

Sangria is spooky, right? I mean, cause, bloooooood.

Maybe these changes are insignificant compared to the bags of candy the kids came home with, but it seemed worth a try.

The party was a ton of fun. Just the right number of families showed up. For a toddler's birthday, you want to invite all your friends, because really the kid has no idea who their friends are and usually have more affection for their blankies than the kids they've known all their lives, but at the same time, you know that their little brains can only handle so many guests before overloading.


Honestly, it was still a bit overwhelming for me. I had been suffering from severe pain for a couple weeks and my OB/Gyn had just put me on a week of rest to try to recover. But I'd been looking forward to the party for so long that I just couldn't bear to miss it so I hobbled along for about a block before coming home. (Look at those heels below. What was I thinking?) 

Lydia as Elsa

Peter as Tony Stark and Pruitt as Peppa Pig

Me as Minnie Mouse

A "Formal Apology"

Adorable Minions

The Donut Eating Contest
There were games and fun and preschoolers being totally adorable. And my favorite ever trick-or-treating story which I'll share in a follow-up post. But mostly, it was a celebration of my sweet little piggy, Pruitt, who was born two years ago and who more than makes up for all the treats I missed growing up.

Decked out in her gift from Grandmom